Custom Itineraries for Groups or Individuals

Design your own tour for friends and family that includes everything you want

Travel with less, is not necessary spend a fortune to join a guided bike tour in Italy
Road Support never leave your side.
Trips Designed by locals bikers in artisan way
In Guided tour you can always hop in the van, all time available. We don’t believe in simply giving our guests a map and a meeting point.
We know our guides are a traveler’s ticket to discovering the true nature of a destination with ease, so we ensure they remain with our guests, both on a bike and in a van, for the entire ride.
Every Comobike tour is a hand-crafted experience that has been thoughtfully assembled and honed by our team of trip designers
Enjoy your vacation at your own Pace
Want to skip the afternoon ride and head directly to the spa? Or perhaps you are craving just one more epic climb before getting out of the saddle. For those who prefer additional time to try other activities, or just relax by the pool, we plan layover days to allow you this option.
It is possible in our tour

We will design your ideal trip, matching accommodations, meals and experiences with your travel style, and we can help as much or as little as you need.
Whether traveling alone or in a group, Comobike will create a custom itinerary that immerses you in the bella vita of Italy.